WordPress is covering each realm due to its powerful existence and supposed to win the hearts of technology lovers with its added features & functionalities. Approximately 23.5% of websites are being developed using the WordPress platform. The race does not end here, this ratio is expected to increase in upcoming time as people are becoming familiar with WordPress and turning towards building an enchanting website based on WP.

Developer’s and web owners are well aware of the fact that building a WordPress website does not demands hard core coding. Now, due to the optimum resource availability, it has become convenient to develop a website website. More importantly, it doesn’t take long to complete a WP website. Hence, people rely on WordPress (which is fast development platform) to get their WP development task accomplished.

WordPress development can be really daunting if the resources and the support do not fit adequately into the business prerequisites. It means you need to be careful if you are going to outsource WP services from a reliable WordPress development company or want to hire WordPress developer for your task accomplishment. Keep the fact in mind that your WordPress developer should be capable of making modifications to the site efficiently.

Everyone knows that working with the right group of WordPress designers is beneficial and adds value to the project. Therefore, it is mandatory to hire WordPress programmer by identifying all the major facets.

At Sparx IT Solutions, we let you know the right path to hire WordPress developers and help you build your next website easily. With us, you can simply explore what are the questions that need to be asked before having a WP developer on-board:

Question 1: For how many years the developers’ have been developing WP solutions?

Experience matters more than anything else in this domain! The most important question to put while interviewing the outsourcing company is their overall experience for the same field. By doing this, you may get a variety of answers to this question and based on your project requirements you can easily opt WP development services. So, you should go with the firm or developer possessing minimal 3 or 4 years of industry experience.

Question 2: What procedure do you follow for WordPress Development? Do you use an automated theme or design a custom theme for my website?

This question is quite technical and assists you to identify the technical skills of your agency or developer. The motive behind asking this is to understand the developer’s ability that how he manages website development. Both the options are good. If you don’t need to add additional functionalities to your site, an automated them will work better. A customized theme, you will be free to modify and update whatever and whenever you want as per business requirements. If you hire WordPress programmers from Sparx IT Solutions, you will be facilitated with both the advantages.

Question 3: Do you build my website with responsive features?

It is next unavoidable question in the queue! Responsiveness needs to be integrated to each business website as in this technology world. In in current time everyone is slanting towards accessing stuff via desktops, tablets and smartphones. You should ask your prospective WordPress developer if they are expert to carry out the website development incorporating responsiveness. Over 82% of the websites are responsive and attaining increased click through rates as compared to normal websites.

Question 4: At the initial stage, what plugins do you integrate with my WordPress website?

WP is the huge developer’s community blessed with skilled developer have a huge library of plugins for developers and webmasters. These WP plugin will help you to add any new functionality in your website. This is crucial to add in a site. So, when you decide to hire WordPress experts make sure they are integrating some useful plugins to your website. You should also optimize that they have not filled the site with excessive plugins.

Question 5: What will you do to make my website SEO optimized?

There is no doubt that WordPress in itself is an SEO-friendly platform which completely supports to incorporate SEO practices for better results. Despite having reliable SEO features, WP website still needs some techniques to be applied. Choosing such a developer who first comprehends the negative and positive aspects of your website would be profitable. To hire WordPress designer, your prime objective is to ask him for the tactics they will apply to boost the ranking of your future website.

Question 6: Is there any facility of PSD to WordPress conversion?

This is the most important question to be asked when you hire WordPress developers in India. With the popularity of WordPress platform, more and more web owners demand to transform their existing website into it. WordPress is making it easier for the web owners and developers to modify the entire look and feel of the website by converting it into a beautiful WordPress theme. The one who is expert in developing WP websites should also know the techniques of PSD to WordPress conversion.

Question 7: Will my WordPress website be secure from negative elements?

If your hired WordPress developer is capable enough to make your website strong yet robust then he must also be expert in making the developed website secure. For the sake of website security, you must ask this question to your would be development partners if they have complete knowledge of implementing the security tricks to the WordPress website. You may also how will they do to protect the site from hackers? In addition, you need to know their potential for strengthening your WordPress website.

Question 8: Will you provide support & maintenance to my website? How?

Before reaching to any decision, don’t skip the main part of website design and development which is the future support & maintenance of the project. On the way to your list of questions, ask your selected company if they can provide support after website launch. If they are comfortable with it then put a question regarding their communication channels, they prefer to converse with clients. Once you get to know, you can take the final decision.

Final Words:

In order to make your upcoming website effective and fully functional, you need to meet the above-mentioned criteria by asking the right questions at the beginning of the process. The aforementioned questions of this post will not only assist you in discovering the best WordPress developer or web design company but will also encourage you to know other aspects of website development.

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