Today’s app market is crowded with the different offers and the demand for the mobile app development is soaring high. For this reason, it can be difficult to make your application noticed. By devising a good marketing strategy, you can encourage the users to download your app. But, would they actually bring it into use? It’s essentially a question that is worth pondering.

The people look for a total personalized experience these days. So, a good quality app is not adequate to delight them. You need to make them glued to your mobile app for long. But how can you do that? Well, the machine learning would be the finest solution for the same. Yes, you read it right.

Machine learning has transformed the way we used to interact with the mobile devices. Our phones and tablets are fully compatible with the software that learns and react in the real-time. This has paved the way for some cool applications. Many tech giants have already started using machine learning in mobile app development, and they’ve come up with the amazing ideas.

Let’s have a glance at the popular machine learning applications:

Machine Learning Applications

The Snapchat filters are a perfect amalgamation of the augmented reality and machine learning algorithms for the computer vision. After their acquisition of Looksery (a renowned Ukrainian computer vision company), Snapchat took the machine learning seriously.

It utilizes the facial tracking system algorithm from Looksery for finding faces in the snaps. You can even add fun elements to your pictures like glasses, hats, and many more.

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Oval Money is the best example of the finance related mobile app, which incorporates the machine learning. In fact, it helps you save tons of money. Wondering how? Oval Money keeps a track of your spending habits and the transactional behavior of the other users as well. Based on that analysis, it crafts a brilliant money saving strategy especially for you.

It can be termed as the superhero of your finances. It’s mainly due to the machine learning that enables the app to analyze the spending and transactional pattern of the others users. The solutions it suggests are beneficial for the ones, who spend extravagantly.

Tinder needs no introduction. It’s a popular dating app used for finding the soulmate. It makes use of the cutting-edge technology popularly known as machine learning. ‘Smart Photos’ is the particular element of the machine learning, which empowers this matchmaking app. This feature increases the chances of the users to find their perfect match easily.

By using the ‘Smart Photos’ feature and machine learning, it shows your photos to the other people randomly. After this, it gauge their frequency of being swiped left or right. Over a period of time, the Tinder analyses, which are your popular photos, and then re-arrange them based on their popularity.

  • Aipoly Vision

Undoubtedly, the human vision is far more superior than the computer vision. However, in the past few years, there has been a commendable improvement in the computer vision. This is possibly due to the advancement in the machine learning used for creating the applications. Today, the apps like Google Photos can analyze an image and detects who is featured in it, before tagging anyone.

Aipoly is a mobile application that quickly recognizes the objects that appears on the camera screen in real-time. You just have to point your camera to an object, and it will let you know what exactly the object is. The basic purpose behind creating this app was to assist visually impaired people in doing their tasks with an ease. It is indeed a thoughtful idea that deserves a big round of applause.

  • Carat App

At some point of time, the battery life of the mobile devices becomes a cause of distress for us. A lot of technological developments are happening every year, but power storage is the area that is lagging behind somewhere. This made some developers to begin their hunt for the possible ways to enhance the battery life of the devices.

“Turn down the screen brightness” would be the common suggestion for this problem, but it won’t help in the long run. Carat is a famous machine learning based app that keeps an eye on all the activities which you do with your mobile devices, and commends the power saving methods. In addition to this, the app will notify you when the apps need to be downloaded again, and send alerts when your phone has to be restarted.

  • Dango

Machine learning is not always about science and other uninteresting things. Apps like Dango are actually trying to resolve the real problems in life, like searching the right emoji whenever you want it. It makes use of the deep learning (a type of machine learning) to sense what you meant while typing.

The amusing part is that it can understand things like jokes and emotions easily. With this information, it recommends emojis and GIFs to enhance the chatting experience.

  • ImprompDo

When yo’re struggling hard with your habit of procrastination, this app will help in prioritizing the task. It will make the things done swiftly without a demanding schedule.

This app is simply great for maintaining a balance between your to-do-list and the spare time you have in the entire day. You can really look up to this time management app, if you want to accomplish the important tasks efficiently.

  • Yelp

So, you’ve tried a new restaurant, but didn’t like the food, what do you do? You will simply visit Yelp and vent out a review. In the past few years, it has made a diligent use of the machine learning and improved the user-experience.

Owing to the ML technology, the human employees at Yelp can accumulate, classify, and label images with an ease. This will be of huge help considering the fact that you have to deal with the trillions of images.

Last but not the least, it’s the mobile app for the Netflix. It is well-known for its ability to know what people wants to see even before they know that they want to watch the same thing. It sounds magical. Isn’t it? It is the power of the machine learning that made Netflix to emerge out as the global streaming device from a DVD rental website.

The use of Linear regression, Logistic regression, and machine learning algorithms in Netflix enhanced the personalized recommendations with the help of the machine learning. On the basis of the genre, actors, reviews, and length, the app content gets categorized to render a hassle-free browsing experience to the users.

Mind-boggling Ideas for Mobile Apps

Ideas for Mobile App

Now that you’re are aware of how the popular mobile apps are using machine learning to their benefit, it’s the right time for you to know the way to bring it into your benefit. Here are some wonderful machine learning implementation ideas that you should give a read.

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  • E-Commerce Apps

Having an eCommerce machine learning app idea will definitely take your business on top. With its assistance, your app can suggest people the apt products based on their interests. Plus, it analyzes the ongoing fashion trends and sale information.

If you have an eCommerce app, then the machine learning will give the customers the relevant search results without wasting time. They will totally love this fact, and prefer your app only over your rivals.

  • Healthcare Apps

Within the healthcare apps niche, the machine learning acts as a doctor/adviser. It could detect the symptoms and give the best countermeasures. For instance, these apps can anticipate the chances of the headache, and recommend the possible ways to prevent it.

  • Finance Apps

Thinking of implementing the machine learning in a finance mobile app? You’re going on the right track. Such apps can analyze the transaction history and provide the appropriate deals. It can also tackle the income and expenditure of the users by linking their debit/credit cards and accounts.

  • Travel Apps

The travel apps which are leveraged with the automated learning technology help the users to plan their future voyages effectively. For example, if you have a low travelling budget, then the app will search for the least expensive hotels and travel options. So, this way, it plays the role of the personal travel assistant for the users.

  • Food Delivery/Restaurant Apps

The restaurant apps powered with the machine learning take customer orders, ask queries, and suggest the perfect recipes as per the user’s taste. Based on your previous order history, it helps you to experiment with the taste buds by suggesting new food items on the menu.

For the food delivery apps, the machine learning can provide delivery time estimation on the basis of the real-time traffic conditions.

  • Sports App

Do you own a sports forecasting app? If yes, then incorporating the machine learning technology could hugely benefit your business. With the correct implementation of the machine learning model, it will become easier to predict the game outcomes.

  • Time Management Apps

Time management apps are beneficial for discovering the right time to kick-off your exercise routine and other relevant tasks, and eventually making you highly organized with your to-do-list.

Ending Thoughts

So, these are some successful use cases of the machine learning in the mobile apps. Hopefully, this will encourage you to think interesting machine learning mobile app ideas for your next venture.

Whenever you need to build an app, always choose the machine learning mobile app development as this technology will accelerate the business growth faster that nothing else can offer.

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