Android apps have crossed the 1.5 million mark on the app store and it is quite easy to assess the growing popularity of these apps among the users. The apps are no longer been used just for entertainment purpose but are able to prove their mettle in almost every aspect. The businesses have started taking them very seriously and are already reaching out to their users using these apps. Considering the penetration of these apps, it is natural for any business to introduce its Android app and enhance its reach and visibility among the mobile users.

Most of the companies do not possess the infrastructure and expertise to build an Android app. Such firms can avail the development services from other offshore application development companies and get their Android app developed and benefit the business in a great way.

If we talk about the cost incurred in developing an Android application, it depends on various factors. The size of the app, type of the app, its content, support and maintenance, etc. are some of the major standpoints that need to be considered. The cost also depends on whether the development is in-house or outsourced. Taking into account all these factors, an average estimation of the Android app development cost can be made.

How to determine the resources spent in Android app development

As discussed earlier, certain factors come into play while determining the cost involved in building an Android development. These factors are usually similar for most of the Android apps. However, certain apps that require the use of additional paid tool incur additional costs. This usually happens in the case of Android games and apps that need extra security or graphics features beyond the limit of Android app development environment.

Basic cost of an app is the summation of these distinct expenses:

Cost of the developer: When you hire a developer for Android app development, you can take the average cost of developer to be $ 5-10 per hour if you are hiring on hourly basis and approx $100 on monthly basis. This figure will vary according to the technical expertise and experience of the developer.

Cost incurred in requirement gathering:  The resource that you spend in gathering the users’ requirement for the app is huge. You need to spend money on surveys and campaigns and also on staff who will do this job

Actual design and development: App design and development cost is the aggregate sum that will be spent on the remuneration of the developer and the designer as well as other licenses that may have to be purchased.

Testing and Publishing the app: After the app is developed, it needs to be tested for bugs. If you go for third party testing, extra cost would have to be paid. Also, to publish the Android app, a one-time fee of $25 is to be paid to Google.

App marketing: A certain sum of money should be set aside for Android app marketing by CPM, CPI, etc. Without the right promotion, an app’s success cannot be guaranteed in this competitive industry.

Other factors that decide the cost of Android app development

► Genre of the app
► Time consumed in app development
► Features and functionalities in the app
► Native or hybrid app
► In-house or outsource development

Based on these findings, you can now easily determine the cost of Android app development. If you are looking to outsource the development project, make sure that you hire the best android app developer to wrap things fast and get an exceptional app in the end.


All these factors come into play when the cost to develop an Android app is assessed. Android apps can be built using many ways. If you are going for the native app development, the cost will be on the higher side, However, a hybrid Android app development will cost a bit less as HTML5 coding consume less time. Overall, the cost will depend cumulatively on all the aforementioned factors.

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