Introducing Job Book

Job Book is a promising move towards creating a defined and recognized job search environment for domestic workers. Our client's vision was clear behind this project, developing a transparent and reliable job portal. Understanding their objectives and requirements, we fabricated the Job Book accordingly.

The Job Book platform is for both employers and job seekers. The employers will get registered in this job portal, where they generate employment for domestic workers. Job seekers can search and select a suitable job as per their preference.

Understanding the Client Requirements

Based in the Philippines, Job Book is a web-based job portal designed to search and create job applications for domestic workers in a household.

Domestic workers provide direct and indirect care services. Despite delivering essential services in a household, approximately 81% of domestic workers are in informal employment.

Intending to regulate domestic work to acknowledge the crucial social and economic contribution of care work, our client wanted to build a platform to accumulate verified profiles of domestic workers.

Veryfied Profile

Challenges We Encountered

Domestic workers may work part-time, full-time, or on an hourly basis, and they may be live-in workers, own a residence, or live across a country. Thus, a common challenge for workers and employers in households is the lack of integrated policies and clear guidelines. Establishing a reliable communication medium clarifying all of the guidelines beforehand is what we needed.

Since domestic jobs are primarily informal, another challenge was concerning verified candidates' profiles with appropriate certificates.

As per the designing viewpoint, a significant impediment to traverse was to flourish a professional appearance with explicit UI, where users can find the relevant information effortlessly. Since this is a user-oriented platform, our priority was implementing robust security for user data to build a reliable platform that users can trust.

Our Solutions

Solutions We Implemented

User Profile Login as a Job Seeker

Our client wanted authentic candidate profiles. Thus, our designer recommended mandatory profile verification with necessary documents like passports or others, as per the location.

After the candidate sign-in on the Job Book, they have to create their profile using the mandatory documents. Job seekers can search for job openings using various filters. However, the job application process can only occur after the profile verification, making the authentication process feasible.

Veryfied My Profile

Employer's Job Posting Interface

Employers can register themselves in this job portal to search for deserving candidates for their domestic work. An agency providing employment or training to domestic workers can also manage their hiring process through Job Book.

Employers can post their jobs with the relevant details asked by candidates for the job application, such as accommodation, health benefits, payroll, and many more. With a clear set of policies and guidelines in a job application, employers can ensure decent working conditions for domestic workers.

Employer's Job Posting

What is the Monetization Plan for the Job Book?

The objective of the Job Book was commendable, and Sparx IT Solutions wanted to develop a top-notch monetization outlook for our client. Being a web-based portal, most of its features are open for users, strictly with authentication.

Employers can post a job application and find candidates. However, a premium membership is required to view the contact information or chat with the shortlisted candidates to further the interview process.

Note: The premium members of the Job Book will be granted the leading preference to send the notification of the suitable verified profiles of the candidates.

Become Premium

Web-based Interface to Command Admin Features

The Job Book has a plethora of tasks to manage for the Admin. The Admin can distribute specific privileges to individual users based on their roles. They can also customize the GUI to mold the website according to their preference through Content Management System (CMS).

Additionally, Admin will get hands-on rich reports to analyze the user behavior and seek the maximum out of your web application.

Admin Features
Design Approach


A Minimalistic Design Approach to Caters User's Sight

For the web-based application Job Book, we preferred to keep the platform professional-looking.

Sparx IT Solutions decided to infuse our designed website with a modern touch that ensures content visibility on the screen. By keeping the minimalist design approach and competitive analysis in mind, our designer created the information architecture.

After finalizing the layout of the Job Book, it was our designer's turn to showcase their artistry. Based on the initial requirement, our designer created low-fidelity wireframes. After the feedback from the client, they started working on high-fidelity wireframes. The tool used for designing the interface is Figma.

Job Book Layout

Pioneering a Professional UI

The Job Book required a professional and user-friendly interface. Our designer crafted the final design keeping all the challenges and competitive analysis in mind. All the designed elements are in-sync together with multiple navigations.

Color Palette


On the Job Book platform, there was a plethora of content to display. Therefore, we took the company logo colors, Blue and Red, as the reference. We only used these two colors to keep the content easy to read, emphasize the buttons, and avoid unnecessary distractions.


Font Style Img

A minute variance can make a huge difference

Job Book has an ample volume of content and the requirement of designing a professional interface, which influenced us to use a simplistic and readable font- Roboto- GoogleFont. Since a job search led to several results, we implemented proper space and highlights to enhance the readers' experience.


Technology We Wielded

  • The Job Book project has to manage a lot of data as the users may often be required to edit, delete, access, or insert their information. Our developers aspired to extend high performance and data availability, and MongoDB was inclined.
  • Additionally, the user-oriented platform Job Book required high-level security integration. Hence, Job Book incorporated SSL Certificate, HTTPS protocols, and API security.
  • When it comes to front-end technology, react.js and angular.js was our path to corporate website design. Developers used CSS3 for consistent and precise positioning of navigable elements and smooth graphics. HTML5 made it easier to create front-end applications and design web pages' overall structure.
  • Our developer wanted to utilize every prospect to give the Job Book a perfect professional appearance and even functioning. Therefore, the technology stack of MEAN/MERN was incorporated to develop the website structure.
  • The previously-mentioned technologies infused together gave our project a seamless functionality.

Backend Development

  • MongoDB

Frontend Development

  • React JS
  • Html5/CSS3
Niah Wilson
Niah Wilson Project Manager

“Working on a project that includes a versatile audience, be it part-time or full-time household workers and employers, is a challenge itself. We needed to develop an easy-to-use platform for the targeted audience. We specifically focused on the user experience for both the workers and employers. We received great support from our clients in integrating policies and guidelines. With in-depth research and robust dedication, we have timely delivered Job Book.”

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