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Our Wide Array Of EOS Blockchain Solutions

We build robust enterprise-grade decentralized apps on EOS

Wallets & Exchange Development

We can create a customized and scalable decentralized exchange platform according to your specific business needs. Our developers can also create multifaceted wallets that will allow users to store multiple currencies and transact with other exchanges.

Smart Contracts Development

Through our smart contract development service, we create, test, and deploy smart contracts on varied blockchain platforms including EOS. We also help clients to choose the perfect blockchain platforms that are suitable for their businesses.

EOS DApp Development

We are an EOS blockchain development service provider that has full-scale expertise in the EOS blockchain platform. With our expertise, we can develop efficient and robust decentralized applications along with powerful smart contract functionality. We build the perfect DApp solutions for you.

Smart Contracts Audit

Our apt smart contract auditors have carefully compiled a checklist of common security flaws and mistakes that might occur with EOS smart contracts. With their experience, our smart contract auditors perform auditing thoroughly to ensure the minimization of risks.

EOS Consulting

Our EOS blockchain development company not only delivers exquisite solutions, but we also provide effective consultation. Our proficient EOS blockchain consultants can analyze your business to find the right solutions & give you recommendations for leveraging the EOS blockchain technology.

Token Issuance Development

With our specialized services in blockchain development with varied platforms including EOS, we design airdrop programs, custom bounty programs, and tokens on EOS. With our tailored solutions, clients can easily issue tokens and run bounty programs.

Benefits Of EOS Blockchain Development


The amalgamation of EOS and smart contracts engages in an actionable delivery of contract-specific Blockchain solutions.


Interoperability and parallel processing are some of the key features of the EOS blockchain platform.


The EOS platform is self-sustaining as it gets improved with the increase of time and more adoption.


Due to the flexibility and scalability of the technology, developing EOS solutions is easier and hassle-free.

Less Risk

There is less risk with EOS development as an attack on a blockchain network hard forks it automatically.

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Patrick Moriarty
Patrick Moriarty United States

“The new site is excellent, receiving good feedback from its users that is reflected in an increase in business sales. All bugs were addressed with technical skill, while the new design is modern and attractive. The team was active and communicative, providing good, regular updates.”

Why Should Sparx IT Solutions Be Your Choice?

Know what makes us a reputed EOS Blockchain development service provider

Vast Experience

We aim to provide robust industrial-scale decentralized applications.We hold massive experience in blockchain development services and have delivered high-end solutions to varied domestic and international clients in different industries. Our developers can build enterprise decentralization apps with any level of complexity.

Smart Blockchain Developers

Our team of smart and talented blockchain developers has enough knowledge and skills to accomplish varied challenging projects. We offer customized solutions that offer higher customer satisfaction. We aim to deliver the best solutions to our clients.

Deliver Successful Projects

Sparx IT Solutions delivers every project with a great success rate and we ensure that all the projects we deliver meet the expectations of our clients. Working with the best development approach, we meet our deadlines and deliver projects on time.

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