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Chaincode/Smart Contracts Development

On the Hyperledger blockchain platform, smart contracts are known as chaincodes. The chaincodes enable the creation of business contracts, decentralized applications, and asset definitions. We can create chaincodes on Hyperledger Fabric.

Architecture & Design

We assess your requirements and design the right applications that prove to be effective for your business. We create a technical design that includes database design, system blueprint, user stories, etc.

Hyperledger Consulting

We evaluate your business needs and analyze the potential Hyperledger solutions that meet your expectations. Our consultants try to figure out the best fitting solution for your business and its advantages to your business.

DApp Development

Our team of skilled Blockchain professionals create excellent DApps for varied industries by utilizing the Hyperledger frameworks. By following an agile development methodology we offer different versions of apps before deployment.

Upgrades & Migration

We can help you in upgrading or migrating your existing Blockchain infrastructure to the Hyperledger framework. When working with the migration process, we also ensure zero downtime to ensure the smooth running of business processes.


We also provide support for a myriad of services like defining technical components, providing database design, as well as developing model definition by creating a definition of a business network that includes rules, functions, and logic.

Advantages That Our Hyperledger Development Service Brings For You


We carefully analyze your business requirements and your need for Hyperledger deployment in varied departments to create an effective roadmap.


Our Hyperledger Application Development Service utilizes the best practices of coding and creates clean, readable, and well-optimized code for your applications.


While developing your Hyperledger blockchain solutions we incorporate the best security features to build a fully secure and robust application.


We develop scalable Blockchain applications that help you meet the growing and futuristic demands of your business. We utilize the best practices to develop scalable solutions for clients.


The design of Hyperledger ensures high accuracy and safety of transactions that occur in Blockchain. We leverage it to build high accuracy solutions.

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Abdullah Alrasheedi
Abdullah Alrasheedi Kuwait

My name is Abdullah Alrasheedi, I approached Sparx IT Solutions to develop iOS and Android application for my news website. They have good team and did exactly what I wanted. Mr. David is the great man and kept me updated throughout the development process. I will surely recommend them.

Why Should Sparx IT Solutions Be Your Partner For Hyperledger Development?

We turn your ideas into best-in-class solutions

Project Confidentiality

We maintain the confidentiality of your project by adopting varied measures and follow strict non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

Highly-Skilled Team

We have a well-composed, highly skilled, talented, and well-experienced team of professionals who can work on any Hyperledger development project showcasing cross-industry needs.


We use and implement a transparent process that keeps our clients in synchronization to provide regular updates and reports about the project's progress.

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