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Our Tableau Consulting Services Comprise

Catering to all your Tableau consulting needs

Tableau Project Planning

An important step in the data visualization process is to define a roadmap to complete that process seamlessly. Devising a roadmap can be daunting without any help or consultation. We at Sparx IT Solutions, help in your Tableau project planning and defining your business objectives and we will deliver delightful results.

Tableau Server Consulting

Tableau Server is the right place to load your Tableau data sources, workbooks, and other content. It is easy to share and access Tableau dashboards across an organization with Tableau Server. It offers robust management and security features that keep your data safe. We help you build an ideal Tableau server environment.

Ad Hoc Tableau Analysis

Whenever you feel that you are not able to complete Tableau analysis, you can always rely on us to complete the analysis. You can depend on our ad hoc Tableau analysis consulting service whenever you feel the need. Our experts will help you in analytics and create intuitive reports that give clear insights.

Tableau Administration & Deployment

There are multiple Tableau products and they also come in different versions. Based on the requirement of your business, we provide support for Tableau installation, deployment, integration, and administration. We also take care of your specific BI strategy needs and build the right BI solution.

Data Cleansing for Tableau

If data is available in a format that cannot be used as is, it requires proper formatting and cleansing. Tableau doesn’t offer many capabilities to handle data level operations. We provide complete assistance in this regard and our Tableau experts take care of data level operations by cleansing and formatting data.

Tableau BI Solution Development

Developing a BI solution with Tableau involves the creation of various reports and dashboards that offer an intuitive visualization of data. By developing a Tableau BI solution, our experts help you present your data in a meaningful manner. The data is presented with charts, maps, and other visual representations.

Benefits Of Choosing Us as Your Tableau Analytics And Consulting Company


We utilize the power of Tableau business analytics software to uncover the hidden patterns and insights from your business data. Our experts are adept at using Tableau features to provide you with proper reports and representation of your data.


Having a strong experience in creating intuitive reports and dashboards, our experts cater to your all data visualization needs effectively with the use of Tableau software. We can perform root cause analysis and create reports accordingly.


The security of essential business data is a prime concern for every organization. As reliable Tableau analytics and consulting company, we understand the importance of data security. Thus we employ stringent measures to protect our clients’ data.


Our Tableau experts are apt at providing comprehensive analysis based on the combined data from different data sources. By gathering data from multiple sources and then creating a combining analysis, we help you get an intrinsic insight.


Our Tableau experts help you in complex geospatial analysis and provide managed self-service analytics. With geospatial analysis, our experts provide insights through icons, labels, heatmaps, and other elements based on your needs.

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JMartino Raco
Martino Raco Australia

“Hi, my name is martin and I approached Sparx IT Solutions for a project I had in mind and right from the beginning I was made to feel right at home. I felt comfortable to ask questions and I was treated with respect the project was assigned to a development team, with Simon as the head spokesman. Now, the project is complete.”

Why Should You Choose Sparx IT Solutions?

Providing world-class Tableau analytics and consulting services

Proven Approach

We work with the best analytics approach and provide you with unbiased data results. Working closely with you we get constant feedback to render our services according to your needs and specifications.

Expert Team

Our Tableau experts are highly professional and experienced. They can handle any challenging data analysis tasks easily and provide with the right results as per your expectations.

Out-of-the-box Solutions

As many people think, Tableau is not straightforward and drawing essential insights can be daunting without any help. We come up with innovative solutions and create an analytics environment that is easy to go with.

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