Augmented Reality is a gigantic technology trend right now and its utilization is evolving as the demands for AR-ready smartphones increase. It provides easy accessibility of the smart devices. Indeed, the AR mobile app market is growing at a rapid pace. Augmented Reality lets users experience a real-life environment. The technology enhances real-world objects by computer-generated perceptual information. AR can be considered as a system combining three key features, which are as follows:

  • A combination of real and virtual worlds 
  • 3D registration of virtual and real objects
  • Real-time interaction

The technology primarily focuses not only on displaying objects in the form of electronic data but also on blending digital components into a person’s real-world perception. 

With the integration of immersive sensations, AR made this real-world-like experience possible. In simple words, Augmented Reality is basically a standard practice of creating a composite view of the real world. Technologies like superimposed and computer-generated images are utilized in AR to enhance real-world images.

The below-mentioned statistics are sheer proof of how AR is contributing to economic growth:

  • According to Statista, there will be approximately 2.4 billion mobile AR users worldwide in 2023.
  • As per reports by Statista, the forecast share of the combo Augmented Reality and virtual reality spending in 2020 is 37.4%.
  • According to Poplar’s AR report, in 2022, there will be approximately 3.5 billion AR users.
  • Approximately 83.1 million people are expected to use augmented reality at least once a month.
  • According to eComDash, around 63% of online shoppers agreed that AR had enhanced their shopping experience
  • Small and medium-sized businesses are expected to invest in AR and VR with a CAGR of 66.40% from 2018 to 2025. 

A Quick Look at the History of Augmented Reality

AR was introduced in 1968 by Ivan Sutherland who is also known as the father of computer graphics. Initially, it was an AR head-mounted display system. With the continuous updates and AR advancement, it could potentially display the virtual image of real-world elements like displaying geological information about a particular place.

In 2008, the underlined technology started performing in commercial areas. A German agency developed an application for BMW mini implementing the AR features. The app allows users to control the car and move it to see different angles. The app has camera-enabled equipment to watch the car model live on the screen. 

Later in 2010, AR was brought to the world where it could interact with real-world objects in real-time. In this era, the virtual try-on has started. AR-enabled face recognition has revolutionized the user experience. It made everything possible, from virtual recognition of your face to place the furniture inside your homes. The AR technology was all set to simplify the user’s life. 

What Are Different Categories Of Augmented Reality Apps?

The best part of AR technology is that it is easily accessible for every individual. There are no restrictions to utilize this great tech innovation. Today, the majority of people are smartphone holders and AR apps are  helping them to experience augmented reality via their mobile devices. This is the reason why AR is prevalent in different industry verticals. 

The evolution of Augmented Reality has increased the demand for AR app development services. Businesses started investing in new app development trends that satisfy various purposes. 

Let us have a look at the four types of Augmented Reality 

Augmented Reality Applications Four Parts

Marker-Based Augmented Reality

Marker-based AR is also known as recognition-based AR. This type of AR provides accurate information about the object being recognized by the AR system. Marker-based AR offers diverse usage for different purposes in the market. It detects the object placed in front of the camera and delivers the exact detail for the same on the screen. 

It streamlines the quick way of generating accurate details about a particular object. The object recognition is done by the marker where the marker has been replaced with the 3D version of the selected object. It allows users to have a detailed view of the object. Users can also rotate the 3D image while rotating the marker. 

Markerless Augmented Reality

This type of AR-based application is one of the widely implemented apps in the industry. It is also known as location-based AR. It implements a feature in the app that offers location detection. The travel industry is taking the best advantage of such apps. Moreover, people are more fascinated with travel mobile app development to discover nearby locations within their current location. 

The method works by reading the mobile’s GPS data, accelerometers, and digital compass while predicting the user’s focus. This type of app is primarily focused on providing the location information about the object placed in front of the user’s camera. 

Projection Augmented Reality

This is the most minimalist type of AR technology that works on the projection of light on the surface. Projection AR is interactive and appealing that is focused on creating deception about the orientation, depth, and position of the object. Users can study the structure and depth by taking different objects into consideration. The use of this technology is widespread for creating huge deployments for experiencing Virtual Reality.

Superimposition Based Augmented Reality

The world itself is proof of an object’s superimposition. This AR brings a replacement view of the object in focus. The program works by replacing the partial or complete view of an object using augmented view. Here object recognition plays an important role.

Top 5 Augmented Reality Trends for 2021

  • AR-Powered Art Exhibits

It provides an enhanced view and understanding of the artifacts on display to the user via the museum’s AR app.

  • AR in Automotive & Manufacturing

Automotive industries are using it to streamlining prototyping, optimize the automobile manufacturing process and assembly processes. 

  • Use of AR in Social Media

Different filters, lenses, and effects on social media platforms are a result of Augmented Reality. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Snapchat, and many other social media platforms are enhancing user engagements with the power of AR.

  • AR Indoor Navigation

Indoor navigation helps users find the shortest possible route to a particular area or destination.

  • AR Avatars

You can consider it as a digital persona of yourself that allows you to share expressions and emotions as well. 

Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality 

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are two trending technologies. Both of these technologies have completely changed the perspective of how people see the real world. Both the terms are quite confusing as sometimes people think that both are the same. Let’s have a short discussion of both for better understanding. 

Augmented Reality

AR is considered as the enhanced version of real-world objects. It provides detailed information about the object in focus using the computer-generated image. The AR-based application helps users to have a closer look at the real world. It delivers a bulk of information which includes images, text, and motion view of the object.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a computer-generated simulation that allows users to explore a different view of the real world, such as animated scenes of the real-world objects that have been photographed. The virtual reality mobile app development service help users explore the place they have never been like the peak of the mt. Everest, areas deep under the sea, the surface of mars. These apps let users experience the virtual reality of other planets and earth. 

“Simply put, Virtual Reality replaces the real world whereas Augmented Reality adds to the real world.”

Industries Leveraging The Power of Augmented Reality


The AR-enabled healthcare app development provides video platforms and can project augmented hands on the patient. It helps experienced surgeons to help beginners via augmented hands applied to the patients without staying at the same location.

AR Dating Services

Dating apps like Tinder are the modern way people find their love today. Society has welcomed dating applications with open arms. The implementation of AR in dating apps is helping people to find their dates in the same city or location. Moreover, AR is introducing better ways to find your soulmate.

AR for Smart Glasses

Looking for Augmented Reality Development ServicesContact Us

Smart glasses offer both comfort and a fashionable look to users. It has the potential to offer augmented reality experiences and also an affordable product. It is one of the proven innovations that help many industries, especially retailers. 

AR-Aided Education

AR has changed the way of delivering educational content. Especially for kids, it has transformed their imagination and development. A successful app like Google Sky Map is best for learning astronomy. It allows students to place their device’s camera in the sky and move it in any direction.

The app will automatically denote the stars and constellations. One more AR-aided education app is Elements 4D, developed by DAQRI. This app helps students to learn chemistry in a better way. The AR-powered custom educational app development services simplify the learning process.

AR in Live Events

Many musical bands conduct live shows for their fans. Thanks to Augmented Reality that helps viewers to watch the live performance of their favorite musical bands. Bands can record their live performance by utilizing a solid green screen. The recording can be watched in the AR-enabled app via smartphone. On the other hand, VR will allow you to join the concert virtually, and AR will lend the concert to your personal smart device. 

Travel & Tourism

Local and international travelers are also benefiting from AR capabilities. The travel and tourism industry provides accurate information about the surroundings and localities. The tour and travel AR application allows users to post a particular location, and AR features will cater to the details about the same. Such apps act as guide for voyagers who travel to new locations.

AR in Gaming

The gaming industry is gaining a height of success because of AR technology. The most famous innovation of AR in gaming is Pokemon Go. The implementation of AR in gaming apps has enhanced the user experience and made the gaming experience more enjoyable. Also, the Ar-based apps can be seen in real-world sports like NBA or FIFA. It allows fans to view the stats and analyze the players during the match. The sports industry is also looking forward to the best sports app development services at a rapid pace. 

AR in Retail and E-commerce

Many businesses are leveraging the power of AR in retailing and e-commerce businesses. The customers can easily view the product’s price, details and have a closer look at the product. The AR features help eCommerce businesses to showcase the products and all the required details of it in a better way. It eliminates the need to visit the physical store in the real world by providing the digitally generated image of a real-world object.

Business Giants Already Utilizing the Benefits of AR

Benefits of AR


IKEA is known for its affordable furniture retailing services. The brand uses an AR app to help online shoppers visualize how the product will look while placing it inside their homes. The AR has streamlined the buyer’s journey and helps them identify whether the selected furniture will fit in their living area or not. It allows customers to have a seamless shopping experience in just a few clicks.


Lacoste is a french sportswear agency that successfully combined the 3D product scanning feature with its AR-aided application. Using this app, shoppers can put up their foot on the designated AR graphic area and look into their smartphones. They will show the customized image of the show as per the foot size of the customers. The customers will know how it might look. The app not only enhances the retail and consumers’ experience but also optimizes the cost of in-store retail staff.


Recently in their EMA music award show regulated in London, MTV introduced an AR application for its viewers who are watching from home. It allows them to view custom MTV animations and graphics related to a particular performance. The app also provides AR-enabled 3D rendered objects for its audiences.

New York Times

The New York Times AR-enabled app launched its new version specially for iPhones and Tablet users. It allows them to view sports like ice hockey, figure skating. The NYT app proved that the latest tech innovations are transforming the media and sports industries in multiple ways.


Leading chocolate brand Cadbury leveraging the potential of AR to lend the holiday season to life with its Advent Heros event. The brand scattered special holiday heroes’ calendars to customers that were to be utilized along with an AR app developed in partnership with Blippar. 

Every day, consumers view a specific date on the calendar via applications and are compensated with exciting AR experiences like holiday-themed selfies related to candies, chocolates, or any other Cadbury products.

Kate Spade

Kate Spade is a popular fashion brand that embraces the latest technologies to gain a competitive edge. The brand has introduced an AR-based app called “My Little Paris Tapage” that takes consumers on a virtual tour of Paris. The brand uses the benefits of the AR app to drive increased traffic to physical retail locations.

How Can Small Businesses Harness the Effectiveness of Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is becoming increasingly feasible for businesses; it also provides a wide range of promising opportunities for small businesses. How? Let’s find out.

Effectiveness of Augmented Reality

Using AR to Get More Customers

Gaining maximum attention and increasing the number of potential customers is what every business aims for. From the food business to the healthcare industry, Sports, to on-demand services, companies invest in digital solutions to gain maximum traffic. Out of all the digital solutions, AR is providing prominent ways for business and helping customers buy the virtual try-and-buy experience. This facilitates retail businesses without the need to visit physical stores.

Personalizing Products

AR allows consumers to personalize their shopping experience. Using AR apps, customers can personalize products via images and videos to meet their tastes. It helps them to make more informed shopping decisions. With the advent of such unique AR features, businesses can perform in a more professional and competitive manner. The AR app development favors maximizing customer retention and creates a loyal customer base.  

Offering Instant Product Information

Another approach of AR technology is to help small businesses. It provides immediate and accurate information about the products. It enables the customers to virtually scan products on the shelves using their smartphones and receive factual and quick information about the product. This helps them to make the right shopping decision.

Providing a Virtual Experience

AR provides immersive, futuristic, and virtual experiences to end-users and promotes business services. Taking an example of a construction business or interior design agency that takes their clients to a 3D walkthrough using AR technology. Clients can view how their home will see the renovation or interior design.

Augmented Reality for Advertising

MSMEs will benefit from attention-grabbing advertisements. AR advertising has the potential to grab customer’s attention via moving images and realistic sound effects. Businesses of different sectors and sizes can conduct successful advertising campaigns using AR technology.

How to Develop an Augmented Reality App for Your Business?

Applying hand to new tech innovation may seem intimidating at first. But, if your development process is segregated into consumable chunks and takes baby steps, it becomes easy to master the latest technology. 

Here are required steps that comes under consideration while AR mobile app development:

  • Validate an app idea that maximizes your business growth. The best way to grab the best app idea is to analyze your competitors.
  • Explore a variety of existing SDKs and AR app development platforms. Pick the one that best suits your budget, app idea, and business model.
  • AR primarily needs the presence of 3D objects. You have two options: either you can download existing models or learn to create them yourself.
  • Develop a 2D tracker, a particular image to place on a surface and scan by AR-aided devices.
  • Create a unique design and make all the required text files, data, 3D models, and pictures.
  • Put all the elements together on your preferred app development platform.

How to Calculate the Cost of Developing an Augmented Reality Application?

Pricing is the primary concern for any business owner. Let us have a closer look at some of the key cost influencing factors of AR app development. 

Choosing SDK

Below are the most popular SDKs. You can choose anyone from the list.






         ARtoolKit implements the following features:

  • Flat-panel image tracking
  • Sufficient speed for real-time AR apps
  • Orientation tracking for devices with stereoscopic cameras
  • camera calibration
  • Potentially work with optical helmets and glasses
  • Tracking simple black squares
  • Plugins for OpenSceneGraph and Unity
  • Free, open-source software


It implements the following features:

  • Recognition of different types of visual objects
  • Environment and text recognition
  • Numark (a combination of QR code and image)

EasyAR (alternative to Vuforia)

        Version 2.0 includes the following features:

  • Work with smart glasses
  • Perception of the environment
  • 3D object recognition
  • Cloud-based deployment of apps
  • Cloud recognition

App Coding 

You can Hire Dedicated Augmented Reality Developers to complete the coding part of your app successfully. The AR app development process is generally focused on two main principles, which are

  • Based on the marker
  • Based on the user location

It is better to hire an experienced AR developer who can work on the Processing of gyroscope data, SLAM technology, and GPS module for the successful implementation of the required features. 

App Design

When it comes to the 3D model of AR apps, designing becomes the most sensitive and priority task. The design process includes:

  • Building wireframe
  • 3D models creation
  • UI/UX and graphic design
  • Creation of animated images

App Features

The AR app offers the following features like 

  • Push notifications
  • Sign-up through email, SMS, and social media.
  • Access to the gallery, phone contacts, and other smartphone resources.
  • The Payment system
  • Messaging feature
  • Feedback

Moreover, if you want to add additional features and add more custom elements, the cost will vary accordingly. Remember, features and functionalities are the two major cost influencing factors to develop any app. 


Never avoid testing your app in every possible way before its final launch. Hire a qualified team of quality analysts and ensure that your app delivers flawless performance. 

What Do We Conclude?

It won’t be wrong to state that Augmented Reality is an extra layer to reality. It does not remove the real world, but it caters to some add-one into it. Undoubtedly it has become a great opportunity for businesses. This immersive, fun, and augmented version of reality has become a smart investment plan for businesses. Somehow the other way AR technology is strengthening the digital world in a unique way. 

Are you planning to develop an AR-enabled application for your business? Sparx IT Solutions is delighted to help you. We are a certified augmented reality app development company equipped with experienced developers who help global clients to develop their desired products. We help clients to convert their app idea into reality. Contact us to get your queries answered and get the successful completion of your AR app development project.

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