When the unprecedented pandemic shook industries around the globe, the Sparx IT Solutions team ensured it was working with 100% efficiency immediately after the crisis broke out. The deliveries of our services were as smooth as they were during the pre-COVID-19 period.

We successfully managed to make sure there were no pay cuts or layoffs for our employees during the ongoing economic slowdown. In fact, we strove to support our employees as well as fellow businesses.

We admit that we were busy delivering optimum quality to our clients, supporting other businesses to overcome the challenging period through our Startup Care Fund, and maintaining the usual work process for our employees.

Apart from all this, we also admit that we missed out on something highly crucial. With the experience of more than 12 years, we have understood that everyone who joins us during our journey becomes an indispensable part of our family.

It took time for us to act on these realizations. In the course of our struggle to keep moving when the global trade came to a standstill and a major slump in cash flows were being observed, we forgot to check on our family which is no longer connected with us under formal contracts.

Our extended family; the contributors to Sparx IT Solutions in the past, “Ex-Sparxians” deserve the equal efforts of care and support amid these challenging times. Hence, we decided to come forward and stand by Ex-Sparxians who are facing the worst impacts of the downturn in the global economy.

Being industry veterans, we realized our potential and strength amid this crisis. We have achieved an incredible amount of wealth in terms of experience, affinity, and reliability through this industry. It is time to return and share our resources with the industry members and contribute our part to the business ecosystem.

We did our best for the Startups and small businesses with the Startup Care Fund. Today, we promise to do our best to make Ex-Sparxians believe that even if we are not related through corporate papers; we are related through our past and hard work.

In the midst of the ongoing COVID crisis, whether ex-Sparxians have been laid off from the last company or suffering losses in their own business; we assure to extend our support to all of them.

We will leave no stone unturned to either find a full-time or temporary contractual opportunity for them with Sparx IT Solutions until their struggles in contemporary situations are reduced. Moreover, we assure you to extend our support by finding suitable work opportunities through our network of companies that are growing strong year by year.

If you are an ex-employee of Sparx IT Solutions and struggling to survive in this crisis then contact us through this form. In this form, we have asked simple and important details about your tenure with Sparx IT Solutions and the journey after leaving us. You can indicate your preferred work relation with us to ease your struggles.

Dear ex-Sparxian, You.Are.Our.Family! Sparx IT Solutions is not going to leave you stranded in these toughest times. We are here for you like we always were.

We, as a team, pledge – “No Sparx IT solutions family member will suffer in silence”.

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