It’s official! We have a new wing added to us, Tech Talks is Sparx IT Solutions original podcast. We have created this podcast to help people understand the challenges that occur in the world of technology. Since we are a decade old organization of mobile application and website development and helped companies, irrespective of size. In our experience with different companies, we have gained expertise in working for distinctive business niches. During our journey, we have witnessed that many businesses and people who are just beginning to establish their presence in the market encounter many challenges. There are many attributes that businesses don’t know about the tech industry. If they have mammoth goals for their business, it is essential to avoid any mistake possible and move ahead, prepared for challenges.

Considering ourselves as an expert in the tech industry, we collaboratively, as a team, ideated to provide them a solution. We are immensely excited to launch this new initiative of Sparx, as we have worked and researched multiple aspects of businesses and their problems, to make this podcast a reality today. We have kept in mind the practical problems and possibilities that start-ups witness. Insights into our clients along with our own have played a significant role in the podcast.

Our podcast is about, Startups- An idea is enough. This is a myth that is quite widespread in the market. We want to uncover every misconception about it with this podcast. Our first podcast is hosted by Mr. Yatin Malik, our digital marketing manager has talked with James and Shobhit, who also have more than 10 years of experience furthermore are digital marketing specialists. We have elaborated on the process of starting up a business- what are the challenges there are to be cautioned about and what are the “must-haves” that owners of businesses have to follow. In this podcast, our experts will be discussing start-up’s common mistakes and their solutions. There are many factors that don’t cross the minds of entrepreneurs at the initial stage of their business. But that is what we are our experts are for; they will uncover the essential elements that are required to follow by all new business owners.

Too much talk?  you can hear our first podcast about Startups- An idea is enough

If you get acquainted with the information our professionals have discussed in it, and want to discover what is the next step for your start-up or business strategy, then Sparx IT Solutions is just one call away!

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