Conversational AI tools like voice assistants and chatbots are extensively used by businesses. They are perfect evidence of incredible innovations happening in the world of artificial intelligence and its related technologies.

Conversational AI is not a single technology rather it is a set of technologies that are embedded in applications supported by it. The Conversational AI development services help in empowering computer programs to interact with humans on a real-time basis.

It bridges the gap between human and computer interactions and makes them similar to human conversations. The technological advancements have brought it a long way and enhanced the potential of businesses to engage their customers.

State of Conversational AI

The mobile app developers are still innovating new ideas to create a more realistic conversation between humans and computers. Although it was not even imagined five decades ago that machines can mimic human interactions, today we have conversational AI apps installed in our hand-held devices.

These apps can converse with users and offer better customer engagement year by year. This is the reason businesses are investing huge amounts in the Conversational AI mobile app development services.

According to research, it has been estimated that the market size of Conversational AI will surpass USD 15 billion by 2024. The investment in research and development of this emerging technology is improving the potential of applications to support human customer servicing wings of businesses.

Conversational AI has become an integral part of modern businesses and their processes. But investors still have doubts, misconceptions, and less-knowledge of this technology.

1. What is the meaning of Conversational AI?

Conversational AI systems have helped us to bridge the gap between human and computer interactions. It has empowered the machines to converse with humans with human-like responses and intelligence.

Earlier this technology was not as smart as it is today in 2020. The traditional chatbots used to interact with the customers with the help of predefined replies. The experts working in chatbots development company used to feed these apps with keywords.

Whenever a keyword was identified, the chatbot used to send in the matching reply. These traditionally formulated chatbots were inefficient in understanding the context of the whole conversation and often ended up limiting the customer’s experience.

With Conversational AI systems, we have been able to make these interactions smarter. It is a set of technologies that are employed together to understand the intent and expectations of a user just like a human expert would do.

2. Why should businesses invest in Conversational AI Solutions?

AI for-Business

Every technology is adopted by the business only when it has something to add to their businesses. Conversational AI is no different. It has various applications because of which businesses consider investing in its solutions.

Customer Support

Conversational AI platforms are a medium that resolves the real-time queries of customers. For example, if a user is browsing your subscription plans and willing to buy one but then faces confusion regarding their terms and conditions. Adding to this, he/she browses the plans when your customer care executives are not working.

In such situations, conversational AI comes to your rescue, and the most loyal customer service officers. They provide uninterrupted human-like interactions for your business. The 24X7 support of these apps has become the roots of modern custom relationship management departments of businesses.

Repetitive Tasks

There are certain tasks that occur on time in a predefined pattern. These processes can be mundane, tiring, and inefficient for human employees. This application of the conversational AI platform is the most widely explored one.

Businesses deploy these technologies to do these repetitive tasks with supreme accuracy, higher speed, and unquestionable consistency. This decreases the workload of the employees who are a part of the customer relationship department and become a support for them.

Personalized Services

Have you ever communicated with Alexa or Google Assistant? You must have come across those jokes that voice assistants are our new best friends and all-time companion. Have you ever wondered about the roots of this joke?

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Direct Mode of Communication

It has gone viral because of the personalized experience that it has given to us. It feels as if we have someone with us who is interacting just like another human. These personalized services are impossible to deliver with the help of human resources.

These personal assistants have been made so smart and intelligent by the chatbot development company that it has become a part of our lives. This is an amazing tool for businesses to promote and support their business.

Social Media Interactions

In the era of digitalization, customer services, branding, and relationships are maintained by various social media platforms. It is next to impossible for human staff to interact with people on various social media channels on a real-time basis.

The traffic and requirements over these platforms are even larger than that of your website or apps’ requirements. Hence, conversation AI tools are effectively and extensively used by businesses to interact with people on various social media channels which allows them to maintain connections.

3. How does Conversational AI interact with humans?

Every technology has a work process that is applied to conduct the tasks for which they are formulated. The same goes with Conversational AI platforms that follow the following steps to mimic human-like conversations.

Takes the Inputs

When you take the Artificial Intelligence Development Services, you will get a solution that is either capable of accepting the inputs during a conversation in the form of text or voice. The spoken phrases inputs are first converted into text and then understood by the machines. These inputs are anything that a user sends in to communicate with these apps.

Understands the Inputs

In this step, the conversational AI mobile apps will understand the intent of the input that they have received. It is done with the help of voice recognition and text recognition technologies. These technologies are applied to the respective kinds of inputs to decipher the meaning of the text or spoken phrases.

Creates a Reply

It is one of the most crucial challenges for the mobile app development company that you have hired for this task. This step defined the credibility and potential of the conversational AI platform that you are using. It has been constantly improved to provide more power to these platforms in creating responses.

Delivers the Reply

Finally, once the reply is created by the platform, it is converted into a language that is understandable for humans. It is delivered by the same channel through which input was received. This step closes one route of a conversation.

Learns for Better

Throughout the above-mentioned points, the conversational AI platforms keep on analyzing the interactions. The customer responses and behaviors are also tracked. Collectively, the data from all sources is used to understand the loopholes and scope for improvement. On the basis of these learnings, the conversational AI tools improve future interactions.

4. What are the Technologies of Conversational AI?

Technologies Used in-Conversational-AI

Conversational AI is not a single technology rather it is a set of technologies that are combined together to mimic human-like conversations. The technologies that are used to empower conversation AI platforms with this capability are explained below:

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

In the first step when inputs are received, they are recognized by a technology known as automatic speech recognition. It is converted into text inputs for further analysis by another technology. It converts the spoken phrases during a voice interaction into a text. It is used by conversational AI apps like Alexa that talk to users.

Advanced Dialog Management

It is a technology that forms the responses and stores them for a timely delivery. The dialog management is a route through which every response is created and provided to the system for final delivery. It effectively manages the delivery with the assistance of other technologies involved in Conversational AI.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

The technology that understands as well as creates the responses is known as natural language processing. It has sub-categories that allow it to function on various fronts. Helps in understanding text inputs and generates responses in human-understandable languages.

The two technologies are Natural Language Understanding and Natural Language Generation. The NLU is capable of understanding the meaning of the text shared by customers. It converts it into a language that the computer understands.

On the other hand, we have a technology that helps in generating responses that can be understood by humans. The responses that are created by dialog management are converted into human-understandable language and delivered through the same medium.

Machine Learning (ML)

Machine learning is an amazing technology that is helping us to understand the data available to us. Both AI and ML are revolutionizing mobile technology. In the case of conversational AI, we are using machine learning technology to understand the past and help in learning from past conversations to improve future interactions.

It analyzes the interactions and conversations that your Conversation Ai solution is conducting. It checks the preferences, behaviors of your customers. This allows the app to learn how to improve the interactions in the future.

5. What are the Benefits of Conversational AI for businesses?

Benefits of Conversational AI-for-Businesses

Enhance Productivity

When the services are offered without any break, it satisfies the customers and keeps them engaged. Uninterrupted support is impossible to achieve with the support of human resources. This advantage of Conversation AI keeps your customer closer to your brand. As an outcome, they are less likely to leave your platforms which increases retention rates.

Reduce Workload

The work of human experts is shared by these platforms. Especially when the process is repetitive and it is humanly not possible to entertain a large number of customers at a time. These platforms come as a rescue for these customer executives and share their burden.

Provide Data

With the help of technologies like Machine learning, we get plenty of data while we work with Conversational AI. This data contains information about user behavior, choices, and needs. The insights this data provides are of great value for the businesses. Hence, it is doubtful that AI is revolutionizing mobile apps for businesses.

Consistent Services

Humans get tired and make mistakes. With conversational AI, businesses can expand as much as they can. The scalability under the influence of Conversational AI is limitless. As it provides fast, accurate, and all-time services to multiple customers. This benefit of this technology empowers businesses to entertain as many customers as they can.

Decrease Cost

It helps in reducing the cost by taking over the tasks of human resources. Some businesses consider availing of Chatbot development services as a costly affair but always remember it is a one-time expense. In the long term, it is going to save your expenditure because of multiple benefits. You are no longer required to hire resources for separate time-zones so that they are available for resolving queries all the time. It also reduces the infrastructural and operations costs for businesses.

Final Word – The Best Way To Leverage Conversational AI

The utilization of every technology has multiple ways as well as scope. After knowing the applications and benefits of this emerging technology Conversational AI, many businesses invest in it. Often entrepreneurs invest in these solutions to achieve a modern business process.

This is neither the right approach nor the best way to leverage the technology sets of Conversational AI. Optimizing the business process wherever required is the sign of a smart and visionary entrepreneur.

Conversational AI systems can be deployed at various points of a customer journey. You will have to decide which point is the most crucial one. This will require the assistance of a professional artificial intelligence development company.

If you are considering opting for this advanced technology but short on budget to implement an omnichannel Conversation AI approach then connect with us. Our experts can help you Ideate, Innovate, and Create the right Conversational AI solution for your business.

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