For a few months, there is much talk about the introduction of artificial intelligence technology to smartphones. Various mobile app development companies started implementing it seriously to grow their client-base by delivering them the ultra-modern mobile apps. It’s completely a new experience people are having with their upgraded smartphones. And, integration of machine learning technology makes it a robust combination of interactive devices with smart operations.

Today, the era of generic services is over. The time is now for making the stuff more engaging for the customers. So, mobile app developers incorporated machine learning & artificial intelligence in the mobile apps which result in transformed user experience and quick decision making.

Technology geeks don’t consider AI only a mobile technology to be introduced but also they adopted it as an emerging trend of mobile app development. Despite a rapid influx of new technologies such as Chatbots, Virtual Assistance & many others, the industry will live the era where mobile apps & devices would not be supposed to build without incorporating machine learning & artificial intelligence. In short, all the industries including technology, telecom & media will witness a drastic transformation in mobile technology and that is all because of the improvised versions of the mobile applications & devices.

Let’s discuss both AI & ML one by one to get accurate insights –

Transformations AI brought in mobile technology are:

  • Introduction to Chatbots


The prologue of chatbots increasingly satisfying users with enhanced experience. Business entrepreneurs consider it a great evolution which is filling the gap between brand & customers with their AI-based application interface. Chatbots gave mobile customers the enhanced conversation experience through which they enabled to get quick query responses. Each conversation they made via chatbots is personalized and lets the users feel they are talking with a human being and not a bot.

  • Strengthen search criteria

Making searches via text is common. AI made this more engaging with image and voice search technique. Besides, it also includes app personalization which makes it a better option to groom the conversation rate of a mobile app.

  • Combination of AI+iOT

Combination of AI+iOT

AI is getting prolifically merged with iOT to make the solutions better communication channels for the users. Here, AI works with iOT to collect and process the real-time data. This helps AI devices to learn every function/information and take required action on the users’ command.

  • App authentication

AI-based smart devices are completely secure and are protected against cyber threats. These provide a high level of data security which needs to be maintained in today’s world. AI almost reduced the security concern of mobile app owners by integrating the alerting function which makes the users aware of the probable threats.

  • Personalized mobile app

Personalized mobile app

There are many mobile app development companies who claim to provide personalized apps to the businesses. They might be making it happen, but with AI, it has been proved that users can take personalized advantages from the event-driven location tracking apps.

How Machine Learning Mobile Apps Revamped Mobile Experiences?

Have a look at the accumulated stats –

  • On an average, 40% of US companies adopted machine learning to improve marketing & sales results.
  • 76% of businesses have witnessed an increase in sales targets through machine learning.
  • Also, European banks have increased their product sales by 10% using mobile apps powered by machine learning.
  • Predicted user behavior

Applications built on machine learning help marketers comprehend the user searches and behavior by scrutinizing data on different scales. The data might be segregated in terms of age, gender, search requests, location, app usage frequency and many more. With the help of such shortlisted data, you can evaluate how much the users are interested in using your app.

  • Display relevant ads

Advertising is about displaying the relevant ads to the right audience and the right time. Most of the companies are already using machine learning to make their Data Management Platform (DMP) for advertising. Marketing has become a tough task to accomplish which has been done seamlessly with the personalized machine learning technology. With this, marketers become capable of targeting display advertisements and that too with personalized messaging.

  • Deep user engagement

A solid customer base is the need of every business which can be achieved with the machine learning tools & applications. It allows endless features and entertainment functions that influence customers and provide them the reason to use the app on a regular basis.

Additional Pointers:

  • Smartphone’s Object Detection Functionality

Object Detection Functionality

Today, Android smartphone and Android mobile app developers are working passionately on integrating artificial intelligence in each device and app. They make it possible and also include machine learning functionality with it. By devising the AI functionality, smartphones’ camera has become able to detect the objects in camera frame and represent it to the users. One can tweak the device settings to receive the exact image. The best example of AI & machine learning is that now smartphones with these technologies can also identify facial appearances and provide an exact portrait as per users command.

  • Language Translation

Language Translation

You must have heard about Google translation and many other similar apps that are used to translate the text from one language to other. Most of the mobile apps use images to identify the language and provide the result in the requested language. But, with AI & ML integration, you need not to upload any image as your smartphone will automatically recognize the text and translate it to different languages without an internet connection.

  • Face Lock Feature

Face Lock

Recently, the mobile industry has got a great boom in the sale of smartphones that have integrated with the face lock feature. This was initially launched in iPhone X and now, the trend is overcoming all the Android smartphones manufacturers. The functionality is the result of AI & ML algorithm integration which Apple does to accomplish the mission. Today, the market is flooded with a variety of smartphones that have face detection capability and lock features. One Plus, Vivo, etc. are the name of a few that facilitate the users with amazing face lock feature.

Final Thought:

This is the era where you can see a progressive growth of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Increasing users’ demand & interest shows that in the future people will completely depend on AI & ML-based smartphones. It not only affects the users but also influences the advertisers to expand their business reach.

A piece of news is coming out that soon, AI functionality will soon be incorporated in 5G smartphones. This simply reflects that people can experience a new real-world with their upgraded smartphones.

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