We often face the dilemma between the programming languages we should use for web development. Python Vs PHP is the most confusing option we face due to their remarkable features. Today we are going to discuss the PHP language and its frameworks.

While talking about the programming language PHP, it is unfair to not mention these three incredible PHP frameworks. Since you have landed here, we believe that you agree with this. Although choosing the best one out of them can be a daunting task. There are various speculations about Yii vs Symfony vs Laravel 2021 that might help businesses in selecting the best PHP framework for their growth. In this blog, we are going to review the three best PHP frameworks that are likely to rule this decade of 2021.

As per the W3 techs research, PHP is used 79.1% for all the known websites of server-side programming languages. We understand what a roller coaster ride your mind must be experiencing while finding the perfect answer to Symfony vs Laravel vs Yii. The basic concept of framework revolves around the clean code that could be incorporated in the shortest time span. To build robust websites PHP development services provider companies can be hired which have prerequisite knowledge and experience.

Before involving in the discussion of the PHP framework first understand what is PHP?

PHP is a scripting language, which is usually used in server-side development. The acronym for PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor. As per the Data Bridge Market research report, in the forecasted period of 2020-2027, the software market in PHP web frameworks is expected to grow at the rate of 17.20%

It offers reusable code and a concrete foundation to build web applications. Since the code is clean for the PHP development companies, it results in a more stable site for the users. This helps in improving productivity. The developers have cleaner code with the assistance of MVC (model-view-controller). It ensures the separation of logic and appearance of web apps.

Let’s discuss in short why the PHP framework is essential for your work?

  • A PHP framework helps to perform development at a rapid speed. PHP development platforms provide CRUD operations that allow developers to easily Create, Read, Update, and Delete codes.
  • The MVC architecture ensures the developer divides a web application into models, controllers, and views.
    Frameworks function like a charm when talking about the security of the web application. It saves them from the common security scourge.
  • The most essential advantage of using the PHP framework is that it’s open-source and free to use by all. This makes it a cost-efficient choice to be used by companies.
  • Frameworks are better in securing the web application from common security scourge.
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What questions do you need to evaluate in order to figure out the best PHP framework?

  • What is the industry you are targeting for this project?

For instance, if you are planning to build an eCommerce website, a payment integrated framework would be a necessity for the website. If you are working on a blog site, a framework that enables various themes and plugins for users would work best.

  • Is the documentation available?

Documentation plays a significant role in understanding the source-code in order to develop a flawless application for the client.

  • Is the development support available for the chosen framework?

While you are working on an application with no active development support, you would be required to re-code your application for a new framework or you maintain the framework yourself. Python development guide provides an additional benefit to the developers who want to gain more information.

It is always beneficial to choose the framework which provides you the community support. Especially, during the initial stage of the website development process, developers need proper research and support, Python community provides the required assistance to the developers.


Let’s begin the final stage of comparing our competitors: Symfony vs Laravel vs Yii:


Beginning with the legend, Laravel. It was launched in 2011 and Taylor Otwell is the person who developed Laravel. It is a marvel in the world of PHP frameworks and popularly known as the “PHP framework for Web Artisans”. It got this name because of its ability to securely manage complex web applications at a faster pace than other competitors.

Tasks such as Routing, sessions, caching, authentication, commands, and more are made easier with Laravel. Laravel 8 is the current version which was made public on 8th September 2020.
Many hosting companies offer support for Laravel applications.

Reasons to Choose Laravel

  • While working on the complex backend applications, Laravel works astonishingly irrespective of the size. Laravel was made easier with the inception of an all-in-one vagrant box.
  • With Laravel, you will be able to create customized apps. The features it offers are seamless data migration, MVC model support, security, routing, authentication, form model binding, custom commands, and more.
  • Laravel is inherited with everything you will require to create a modern web application. It is ready to amaze you with its extensive speed and security, along with a feature that helps in creating a highly expressive website.
  • Any web development services provider company which is looking at these frameworks to build a B2B or enterprise website, Laravel is the way to go. It will deliver a framework that is flexible to evolve along with future technology.


The Symfony framework is a set of reusable PHP components that allows the developers to create scalable highly efficient applications. It’s been in the industry since 2005 and is a reliable platform for a massive audience. Symfony is a PHP framework based on the MVC architecture and it is the only framework that follows both PHP and web standards, to the tee. Truly it is one of its kind in the world of frameworks. The APIs of this framework enable easy integration with third-party applications. Therefore, developers can use it with renowned front-end frameworks, for instance, AngularJS.

Reasons to Use Symfony

  • Laravel and Symfony have a few common features. This is what makes it a tough competition.
  • When we talk about Symfony vs Laravel, then it is easier to install and configure on most platforms. Therefore you can use it for developing large-scale enterprise projects.
  • The reusable PHP components are the most essential feature of Symfony. The stability and independence of the database engine get enhanced. It incorporates web authentic practices and design patterns.
  • Symfony is also highly flexible and can integrate with bigger projects like Drupal.


The Syntax Yii breaks into Yes, It Is! We know how evolutionary it sounds, and it works like the name suggests, Evolutionary! It is a high-performing PHP language framework. Yii was created by Qiang Xue in 2008 and since then it has been one of the top-preferences of the audience. Since the inception of Yii, it is growing and evolving.

jQuery integration is another feature of Yii which has impressed many before as well. This integration allows front-end developers to create a framework promptly. Like in Symfony, Yii too utilizes components to develop rapid mobile applications.

Reasons to use Yii

  • Yii is easy to install and has features that offer extensive security that would make your framework adequate for high-risk endeavors for instance eCommerce projects, CMS, and more.
  • It will offer you speed and performance to its best. The developer loves the framework as it helps them to avoid the complexity of writing monotonous SQL statements.
  • Yii is extremely flexible and you can easily customize it according to your preferences. Almost every code of this framework can be tailored according to the user’s needs.


PHP frameworks that we compared in this blog are exceptional in their own area and offer full-stack development to aid developers. Choosing the right framework, Symfony vs Laravel vs Yii; depends on your specific requirements, and therefore choosing the most popular will not be the right choice.

If deciding among the options is still confusing, then hire a PHP web developer which has adept knowledge can be the right move for you. We at Sparx IT Solutions will love to help you by offering our expertise in PHP development. We have experts working with us who will suggest which PHP framework will work the best according to your business objectives.

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