It is not about the number of years; it is about the relations you develop, the work you deliver, and the modesty you maintain. Throughout the journey of 13 years, Sparx IT Solutions has been through the thicks and things together as one team.

What remained constant in our corporate life is the sheer commitment to achieve excellence in every way. Apart from working on modern-day technologies and approaches, we believed in conducting digital experiments for our clients. 

We Ideate, Innovate and Create”- This motto has fueled our journey of becoming industry veterans from naive IT service providers in 2007. Instead of being proud of our successful delivery of projects to businesses in various industrial domains, we are proud of our integrity and unity.

We know, you are expecting us to explain our feelings on this special day with words like overwhelming, celebratory, or Euphoric but today, none of these words can explain our feelings accurately. 2020 has been a year of self-realization and as a team, we have realized that “We Exist Because You Exist

While standing in the middle of the year which is full of havocs, we take courage to introspect our complete journey. With 13 years of being an active contributor to the IT industry, Sparx IT Solutions accepts that this is not the result of hard work alone. 

Our ever-growing respect and gratitude for Sparxians, clients, and fellow businesses played a great role in our cheerful and successful survival. This is why we did not leave any stone unturned while supporting our fellow businesses during this pandemic with our Initiatives like Startup Care Fund.

Along with Startups, we stood by Sparxians as well as Ex-Spaxians during this crisis. The way they reached out to us and expressed their gratitude can definitely be explained with words like euphoria.

Indeed, this was the year of realizations for all of us. As an organization, Sparx IT Solutions realized, the employees and clients are the strongest pillars and the most valued treasures.

Apart from being the strength of Sparx IT Solutions, they are our carriers as well as partners. This 2020 realization has motivated us to extend the foundation day celebrations with you all. We want you to be a part of our celebratory times with enthusiasm.

On the occasion of 13th Foundation Day, we are offering a 10% discount on all of the services to our existing and future clients. This offer is valid for one week starting from today. This is a little step to show gratitude to our extended family.

The affirmations, confidence, acceptance, and acclamations that we have earned in these 13 years inspires us to share whatever we have with you all. We owe you all this and a lot more. We will surely be able to do enough of what we aim at.

In the end, on this 13th foundation day, we want to confirm and share that denial is pretty good sometimes. We denied adopting a laid-back approach and it helped us grow. What did you deny and how it helped your business? 

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