Are you looking to explore the most proven and demanding Facebook trends 2018? Here is a long list of Latest Facebook marketing trends. You can implement these trends to have a superb business online presence.

There is no doubt that Facebook has evolved as an impressive platform. Here, one not only gets ways to get connected but also they can make them famous among individuals.

Going deep in this topic will bring many true stats. One of them is that the platform has garnered around 3 million new advertisers in the previous year 2017. Now, what do you expect in 2018? Most probably, this year will surpass the current ratio with a huge difference.

Since its debut, Facebook has come a long way with its beautiful features and updates. Especially, when it comes to implementing marketing tactics, this platform works exceptionally. Studies say that Facebook has turned paid social media marketing into the modern ways to materialize digital marketing tactics. It is said that in upcoming years, we can expect Facebook to become a comprehensive platform catering marketers requisites with its new features. Isn’t it fun using Facebook ads to reach the target audience? Yes of course! And, you can attain all this by adopting the latest Facebook updates.

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Facebook marketing updates to implement in 2018:

  • Facebook Video Ads Are On Surge

In 2017, Facebook videos claimed of being one of the undisputed methods to display promotional content. In the meanwhile, different types of variations have been seen in Facebook videos. Being a Facebook user, you must have observed a surge in video ads that are relevant to any brand. Based on the uplifted demand of videos on Facebook, we can say that video will remain a vital part of Facebook marketing.

There are numerous stats and studies to back this fact up.

One of the most convincing stat from Mark Zuckerberg was that – on an average, Facebook users spend around 100 million hours in watching Facebook videos every day.

This is the fact which encourages more advertisers to use Facebook as their prior marketing platform.

  • Live Streaming Is Increasing Drastically

From past year, the number of users engaging with live Facebook streaming has maximized exponentially. Not only Facebook but also other social media channels are offering live video streaming feature to improve the user experience. Among all of them, Facebook live video feature has gotten increasingly used by users since its introduction. It is calculated that the ratio and engagement of live Facebook videos are greater than the normal posts. Marketers can consider Facebook live streaming as the best way to get organic results. This is happening due to the live feedback that a video gets in form of comments.

  • Rise of AR & VR On Facebook

Facebook introduced AR and VR to take the marketing strategies to a new level. These features were new to the marketing world and proposed to lead the digital marketing towards a completely new realm of interaction. Facebook was no so familiar with the camera effects and object orientation. But, with AR and VR, it plans to unite these two to let users enjoy the ultimate camera and 3D effects. The platform is polishing all the stages to let the users enjoy the interactive 3D models in their news feeds. This will become a highly beneficial technique for marketers in upcoming years.

  • Creative Visual Content (Short Video or GIF)

If an image portraits a thousand of words, then a short video or GIF explains the entire story behind it. Undoubtedly, images are the true companion to promote anything in a business. But, in this modern and fast world, if you use explanatory videos and GIFs, it would be easy to attract visitors attention. Because these videos provide a complete view in short frames. As the demand or these videos is booming, this is quite visible that GIFs have long been praised by users and big marketers.

  • Sustained Rise of Chatbots

As per unveiled stats, Facebook has earned about 100, 000 monthly active bots. These bots active on messenger provide an instant interaction between the parties like a brand or the customer. Here, the chatbots are developed with the aim to render outstanding service to the customers. They work by addressing their basic queries and resolve by sending an automated solution. This ultimately works as a rank booster for the brand and helps to drive more sales through quality prospects.

When you implement all the above-mentioned new Facebook update for 2018, your brand conversion and sales will become just double. You can make it happen on your own providing you are an expert in it. Besides, you can hire Sparx IT Solutions for having an exceptional digital marketing services for your business.

The Verdict:

The development of advanced technologies has given birth to more creative possibilities for businesses to engage greatly with customers. One of the great technology innovation is Facebook which is giving a truly new path to the brands to interact and communicate with prospects.


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