Google, the world’s biggest search engine started a mission to make HTTPS a standard protocol to be followed by all the websites. But, why is this so important for websites to move from HTTP to HTTPS to get rich SEO results? What’s the major role of it and does it really matter that your website uses HTTP or HTTPS? If you are frequent internet user, you must have noticed that a number of websites are loaded with the HTTPS rather than HTTP. People often ignore this fact, but this single “S” makes a big difference when it comes to security and high-rank. Let’s start by differentiating both the terms:

HTTP – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is a system to transmit & receive information through the internet. It is the widely used method of presenting accurate information to the users with efficiency.

HTTPS – on the other hand, referred as Secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. It is developed to transfer internet information more safely. In short, the technique provides a complete security while sharing or accessing any confidential information via internet. Here, website owners can prevent unauthorized access to keep the information secure.

Role of SLL in HTTP & HTTPS: Basically, the difference between HTTP and HTTPS is the SSL certificate. An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate is the protocol which encrypts the information before sending it to the users. It’s a bridge between a server and web browser which ensures that harmful viruses, malware and other security threats don’t enter into the end-users’ network.

Particulars HTTP HTTPS
URL URL has the prefix “HTTP://” URL has the prefix “HTTPS://”
Communication Uses a Port 80 Uses Port 443
Security Has proven security issues Eliminates threats for online information exchange

This table will let you the difference between both types of SSL certification along with their specifications. Now, you must have the idea that why websites should move to HTTPS. There are other uncountable SEO benefits of HTTPS. We have come up with a detailed checklist. Have a look at it:

  • Safer websites

Using HTTPS means that your clients, visitors and customers’ information is safe. This technique is vital for all as it gives safe access. Suppose you own an e-commerce website then having HTTPS is crucial. Even if your website doesn’t have the online payment criteria but still, you need to switch to HTTPS for making other transactions secure. Establishing safety features for each transaction brings loyalty in prospects which turns them into quality customers.

  • Google Rankings

Good security comes with the new HTTPS and SSL, websites having HTTPS access are considered more protected. Webmasters often call these websites the most trusted and certified. As per Google’s update, the company is focusing more on the websites that are certified and conscious to keep the users’ information safe. According to the stats, websites based on HTTPS have come out to be an impressive methodology. Google also admires these websites, thus gives preference and high rank to them. These are better and outrank the websites that are still running with HTTP.

  • Increased Security

The HTTPS websites are more confidential and secure as only your website or browser can decrypt the transferred information. It also adds an integrity to the websites which never lets your information get modified in any case. People think that HTTPS is secured by giving it a sensitive password. It’s not true because even boring and non-attractive websites avail benefits by switching to HTTPS. Security and trust are the keys to win customer’s hearts, thus you can consider it a rank booster.

  • Statistical Analysis

What if you can get deep statistical analysis for your HTTPS website? Yes! Use these websites with Analytics to get insights and visitor sources. In return, these websites bring excellent information. This further ensures the website analysis and online marketing campaigns are appropriately tracked.

  • More referrer data

Whenever traffic passes from a secure HTTPS website to a non-secured HTTP source, the referral data might get stripped away. There is a benefit with these websites as when these receive online traffic, secure referral data is preserved. It means that you will attain more secure, accurate and detailed information on an exact referrer. This brings clarity to customers mind and compels them to make repetitive visits. These are the SEO benefits of moving from HTTP to HTTPS. If you are website owner and need to uplift your web presence, it’s vital to make your website switch to HTTPS. Whilst Google advised to switch from HTTP to HTTPS by keeping SEO advantages in mind. The Google community offered the list of securing website with HTTPS that will assist developers and businesses. It will help them reduce their hassle during website switching. We at Sparx IT Solutions switched to HTTPS and the results are great. Users attain enhanced website access without any fear of data loss. Even the website works even faster.

Ending Note: Attaining excellent rank with secure mediums is the key to success for a business website. There are many other ways that can make your website secure and bring good traffic. To implement them, you need to cross numerous hurdles of protection and prevention. But, when you choose to move to HTTPS, you will get all the benefits with a single solution. So, it’s good if you switch from HTTP to HTTPS.

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