2020 was a year of challenges for everyone across the globe. Organizations face decreased revenues, customer retention was at its lowest, professionals lost jobs, and a lot more than many would not want to remember about 2020.

Apart from handling projects, working to delivering promising Software solutions to our customers, we explored many ways to execute our tasks in 2020.

We are excited to discuss our journey in the last year with you.

How Did We Start?

We stepped into 2020 celebrating our inclusion in Clutch’s top 1000 companies (declared in Dec 2019). It inspired us to strive more to create futuristic solutions for our customers. In Jan 2021, we came to know about Coronavirus and its severe impacts in some of the world’s regions. It made us think to plan our strategies if we come into a situation where no common citizens would step out of their homes. It came into reality soon after.

The Indian government declared lockdown on Mar 25, 2020. However, we at Sparx had prepared ourselves to cope with the situation ever before the government’s official declaration of the lockdown.

Unprecedented Challenges

If anybody would suggest us to work from home prior to the Coronavirus spread, we would have not agreed with that. But now that we are about to complete more than a year working from home, we can say that it did not fail us. We worked, delivered, and cherished growth.

The biggest credit to this milestone would go to our professionals who gave their best despite the odds and helped us deliver the best to our customers as dedicatedly as we have done for more than 13 years now.

Reshaped Policies

Since we were not physically available in the office, we had to rely on technology for communication. Despite many technological advancements, there could be lapses. We made sure that we had back up for everything running forth and back.

We allowed our 220+ professionals to utilize the flexibility for providing the best of their skills. We proudly say that each of our team members did not let us down.

We initiated the usage of several new technological tools to keep everyone in touch and ensure no communication gaps or unnecessary delay in meeting our business goals and aspirations.

Accolades Achieved in 2020

Coronavirus might have made us rethink our strategies but it could of affect our aspiration to grow and deliver the best to our customers.

  • Onboarded 110 new team members.
  • Served 183 clients globally.
  • Worked on 450 projects successfully.

Extended Hands of Support

We have been an organization that works on values and commitments. When we witnessed several startups or small-scale companies failing to sustain their business goals and professionals being laid off, our leadership decided to extend our support to them.

Startup Care Fund

In this campaign, we allocated $100K to provide free digital marketing services to businesses facing lower revenues, customer retention, or failing to market themselves. Our aim was to help them get more customers when they were facing an issue of existence in the market. We reached out to 50 businesses to help them avail the facility.

Reaching Out to Former Employees

Seeing professionals being laid off because of a lack of funds was disappointing. We outreached our former employees to ensure if they need our help in the hard times. We onboarded some of our former employees who were laid off or facing salary cuts in their workplaces.

Focus on Professionals’ Mental Health

Coronavirus spread took so many lives. There was an economic slowdown. People were losing their jobs. It created a sense of insecurity in everyone’s minds. We keep our professionals away from any of such issues by improving their mental health immunity.

  • We provided them free mental health app subscriptions to take online yoga and meditation sessions.
  • We launched the “Kaam Se Hatke” (Apart From Work) activity where professionals had activities and healthy conversations with their team members.
  • We assured everyone of no layoffs or salary cuts.

Plans for 2021

We aspire to grow further in 2021. Like 2020, we want to evolve more new ways to transform our work processes and engage in maximum business outcomes.

We tend to emphasize more on leveraging modern-age technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Augmented Reality in our processes.

We look forward to new opportunities and breakthroughs in the upcoming times.

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