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Client Requirement

Our client Careefer wanted to create a website that would integrate a solution for both employer and job seeker. What they wanted was to provide a refined list of candidates to help an employer find the perfect candidate for the job and accurate job opportunity for the applicant.

To ensure that anyone who is browsing on their website attains optimum results, there is a specialized abet to help them through. Careefer apprehends that some jobs are not meant for you but for someone you know. Therefore they brought this idea of “referrals” to Sparx IT Solutions.

The Beginning

How did we initiate the project?

A discussion with the client

When we discussed the project- Careefer, the thought behind this job-portal came into our knowledge. The owner of the company explained his vision about what Careefer. They were very vibrant about initiating this project and taking it to the Globe.

Project Analysis

After discussing the project, we have started to work on it. Now, we settled to analyze the essential element Careefer required and objectives that the client wanted to emphasize. The budget, expediency and other specifications were taken into account at this stage.



While working on this job portal, there were a lot of challenges thrown at us. While completing the task we had to keep in mind what is expected from the website from both, client and it’s visitors. We wanted to deliver a website that offers an ease of navigation and accessibility for the users.

There were many integral parts for this portal, all connected with the thread of Careefer- The Admin, employer and candidate. We wanted to make the website flexible for all, yet looks aesthetically pleasing.


What Solutions did Sparx Suggest?

Although Careefer gave us outlines about what are their objectives for the future of the company; but as their professionals’ technical partners, Sparx wanted to polish their dreams to offer beyond the standards of the market and has suggested them to a few suggestions, we see fit for their goals and ideas about the website.

What Kind of Website We Should Develop?

In the initial stage of the development of Careefer, the owner wanted a simple yet robust website. Our team suggested going for Customized development, considering the demands and expectations they had for their brand’s website. Among the array of frameworks available, we advised choosing PHP- Laravel.

Our thought behind choosing Laravel: The Wireframe we had settled-on had too many elements that needed to be covered on the website. The most suitable framework was PHP-Laravel. It had all the abilities to conquer every challenge that a global job portal website might face. Laravel provided us exactly what Careefer had expected.

How We Defined The Referral Structure?

The feature of referrals was too complex in the primary stage of this project. Our aim was to make it as easy as possible for the users.

For the solution to this puzzle, we propose to create an interface that is user-friendly. Any candidate or even specialists can refer anyone for a job they presume is suitable for them. Anyone who would refer a candidate for a job, would have to fill in the details for them. This would give the employer a detailed information and professionals' background about the candidate, beforehand.

How To Initiate The Innovation of Specialties?

This was a major challenge for the Company and us. The feature of adding a specialist to your search was a unique innovative idea of Careefer and we wanted to highlight it. Therefore, we created a column for the navigation bar itself. From there every visitor can easily take aid from the specialist feature. With easy navigation and it’s presence in the navigation bar, we believe it will highly affect the consideration of views.

How to Manage The Currency And Payout Process?

Careefer was ready to rocket-fire it’s way to go global and we were ready to help them attain this goal. From taking the website from Australia to global, there were many obstacles on our way. Earlier the website was running on the Australian dollar (AUD) but with its expansion over other continents, we have found a medium for the distinctive currency of the world.

We recommend integrating multiple currency options for people from different corners of the world. This job portal was available for everyone around the globe with no restricted borders. Users are able to choose from the extensive list of currency that we have included in our server.



We aimed to create a layout that commends each page of the website.

Sparx IT Solutions created a website that has a designated place for information while reflecting a user-friendly sight to its users. We built an optimized website that should now appear complicated to use. Every essential category has separate space on the website, which would make it easier for the user to browse through. We have created a website that is responsive and is crafted with modern design, which is exactly what customers would commend about. Hence, created a wireframe keeping all that in mind.

Design Process

Our designer doesn’t work the design; they do what feels right!

UI Strategy

For the Careefer job portal, Sparx IT Solutions have prepared a wire-frame specializing in the industry of job hunting, for which we aimed to create a mingle of structure, content, and user experience. Our designers were responsible for creating a virtual interface with user-centric elements.

They created a consistent layout for Careefer since it fits with other pages of the website. They had to include a graphic format with a hint of creativity to charm the audience. Our designing team initiated a draft that has an informative architecture with intuitive navigability.


Color Scheme

To give the website a perfect color, our team selected turquoise color from the family of Blue. We decided this color to match the essence of Careefer’s logo.

The color represents trust, honesty, which the turquoise color gave it a sense of sophistication. These colors are comfortable for users to see at any time during a day; hence they can have a convenient experience.

We Offered

We developed Careerfer website, keeping every possible requirement into consideration.

We followed the agile methods building it and were able to develop a fully functional website with faster loading pages. We had also kept our client updated on every step of the process, therefore we had on-time approval from them at every phase of the process, which helped us complete this project on time.

The website demanded a robust framework, languages & tools that would make it a real-time accurately function website.

For the Front-end process, we used, HTML5/CSS3 and Jquery. For the Backend we applied- PHP Laravel, Mongo DB and MySQL.




The objective is to apply for a new job or to find new opportunities.



The objective is to apply for a new job or to find new opportunities.


Job Seekers

The objective is to apply for a new job or to find new opportunities.

The End-Game Making of Careefer

The website and mobile application for Careefer was made as a job portal for anyone who is seeking for a candidate or a job. The website was built keeping in mind all the requirements demanded by the client. We offered a tailor-made solution while delivering Careefer- a thriving job-portal.

Our expectations are narrated by the hard-work of Sparx’s proficient professionals. The website deployed as per the expectation of the client, within the committed time-frame. We have also created Careefer responsive and therefore, developed it’s mobile app version as well.

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