Every mother is a pillar of support in a child’s life and a family. The definition of a mother can be different for every individual, be it a support system, best friend, inspiration, or caregiver. A mother plays multiple roles in her child’s life; however, one thing that remains the same in every mother is her unconditional love and support.

We at SparxIT are celebrating Mother’s Day to pay gratitude and appreciation to every mother with our campaigns #BeyondTheMotherhood and #MusingsWithMother.

Since every mother is unique in her own way and has a beautiful relationship with her child, we wanted to capture the distinctive characteristics of that relationship through our campaign. We collaborated with our branding team to base our campaign on various parameters: Inspiration, Support System, Mentor, Parental Challenges, Proud Moments, Advice, Best Friends, Work From Home Routine, Social Media Sharing, Best Memories, etc.

Based on our pointers, we decided to divide campaigns into two parts. First, ‘Beyond The Motherhood’ features our employees expressing how their mother had greatly influenced their life and continues to do so. Second, ‘Musings With Mother,’ where some Sparxians will share their memories with their mother.

For ‘Musings With Mother,’ our idea was to take a trip down the memory lane of this simple yet beautiful relationship between mother and child. We asked Sparxians to remember the loving and emotional memories they have shared with their mother, and indeed, the emotion they portray was an emotional roller coaster.

A mother is an inspiration for her child. Starting from the first person you interact with, she is the first to instill values in your life. She becomes your mentor, and her teachings reflect in your social and emotional setting throughout the life. Despite having a generation gap, she gives the right space and environment for your creativity to grow and accepts your lifestyle.

Regardless of your mistakes, she shows faith and hope in you, which embodies trust and security. When you feel lost and seek validation, her unconditional support guides you to the right path. Thus, she becomes your reliable person to get advice. Whenever you feel isolated or lonely, she becomes your best friend. Her companionship gives a sense of belonging. This is a relation of pure love.

Therefore, taking a broader approach in our ‘Beyond The Motherhood’ campaign, our Sparxians shared how their mother played different roles in their life.

Throughout the campaign, we got immense support from our colleagues. We thoroughly enjoyed the smiling faces of the Sparxians with their mother. This campaign has made us understand that a mother is a true blessing in our life.

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