New Year & Sports Day Celebration at Sparx With Budding Integrity & Joy


Heading with the glory of wishes and greetings for the new year 2017, Sparx IT Solutions created an unforgettable history by organizing its Sports Day celebration on 30 December 2016. The program’s venue was ABES Engineering College and attended by every Sparxian with full excitement and gladness.

The Sports Day celebrations included various indoor and outdoors games and events like Cricket, Badminton, Chess, Tug of war and more were also the essential parts of these games. As the employees were already divided in four different teams named as Warriors, Pirates, Champs, and Rangers, their respective players were well-prepared and equally energized for building a tough competition. The staff and the employees actively participated in different events with their collective strength and fair play. Among various interesting sports, watching cricket was absolutely a breathtaking experience for everyone as the team spirit and immense dedication led to a challenging environment on the playground.

The games like three-legged race, tug of war, 100 meter race were amusing and entertaining for the audience. After giving continuous sports performance, the essential arrangements were done including refreshing sandwiches and fruits so that the players can re-energize themselves.

From beginning to end, the day was totally a fun and mesmerizing for the whole Sparx group. At last, the winners of every game were awarded and the team that won several games got a sparkling winning trophy i.e Rangers. Every player delivered an everlasting inspiration and motivation to other employees and the Sports Day event was successfully concluded by Mr. Prashant Sengar (MD, Sparx IT Solutions). He applauded everyone for this joyful and eventful day, adding charm to the celebration with his best wishes for the New year 2017.

10 thoughts on “New Year & Sports Day Celebration at Sparx With Budding Integrity & Joy”

  1. It was mesmerizing to be a part of sports day event. All the games were fun and I enjoyed at the fullest. I played so many games after a long time, but still I want to praise every bit of it. Wonderful!

  2. At Sparx, we all got the opportunity to show our potential in different sports we were interested in. Everything was managed beautifully by the management at the decided venue.
    Really enjoyed a lot. What a wonderful day spent!!

  3. I am just going speechless after being a part of this zealous and energetic event. The celebration was amazing and truly unexpected. It was a great time to welcome the new year with full sportiness. A day well spent and worth to remember, Waiting to hear about such enthusiastic moments again and again from Sparx.

  4. It was a fabulous experience for me being a part of this wonderful event. I enjoyed every minute of it. Many thanks to the organizers and management who contributed their time and efforts to make this event happen.

  5. An unexpected yet joyous outing with Sparxians. Enjoyed every moment to the fullest. Every moment from the start till the end was entertaining and enthusiastic. A perfect start to the new year.

  6. The memorable day with great experience. It was great fun and prestigious to be a part of the Sports day celebrations at Sparx. Everyone played in the most friendly way and with full enthusiasm. I experienced an energizing environment all around and felt encouraged by the team spirit. Finally, I have learned a true meaning of competition and struggle for win!

  7. Just a quick note to say what a great Sports day. A big thanks to Sparx IT Solutions and the organizing team for doing such a splendid job on Sports day. i really enjoyed this event, it was full of fun and hopefully it will continue same fun next year also.

  8. I enjoyed the sports day with many types of sports games like cricket, badminton, tug of war and etc. Commentary was awesome on that day, I really enjoyed this.

  9. It was a great experience with Sparx IT Solutions. An awesome event organized by Sparx team, enjoyed a lot & thankful to be a part of this event

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