A mother is the first teacher of every human being. We learn and grow to become someone we would dream to be. They teach us values, manners and provide us with an understanding of choosing between right and wrong all through our lives. It is one of the best realizations of women’s role in building our society.

From running a company of thousands, playing a crucial role in managing a space mission, performing duties as a working professional to become a country’s constitutional head, women have inspired millions with their charismatic contributions to humankind, something worth being called superwomen.

Sustainable development could only be possible if men and women were given equal opportunities. As a notion, gender equality has been among the most significant topics of discussion on the global scale. By empowering women and cherishing their potential, the world may become a happier place for humankind.

Education is indeed the foremost asset required to build a strong nation. By educating women, we will not only provide them the opportunities they deserve but also step forward to make our society, city, nation, and world more peaceful and progressive.

We at Sparx have always believed in giving equal opportunities to everyone regardless of their genders, castes, creeds, or race. We have always tried to be the strongest pillar in the career of every superwoman contributing their skills and knowledge to our growth.

Women at Sparx are…

  • Helping the organization accomplishing the vision to get the best talent aboard with us.
  • Using their technological expertise to help us create futuristic software solutions.
  • Leading the organization to sustain an identity of a credible service provider using next-level skills i.e. content development, graphic designing, business development & marketing.
  • Conveying our achievement and accreditation to the audience who might be interested in partnering with us.

We are wholeheartedly thankful to each one of them for their efforts and contributions for leading us this far.

On this international women’s day, we made an attempt to recognize our women professionals’ thoughts and experiences to our social media audience through #SparxSuperWomen campaign. We requested them to record a short video where they could share their experiences, thoughts, opinions, or suggestions on things as working professionals.

We take pride in saying that we received a positive response from all the team members and they shared some of their videos the very next day. We are delighted to share their thoughts with you.

We wish every woman a very happy International Women’s Day!!

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