In this episode of Tech Talks, we are unfolding a very prominent myth from which many start-ups have been deluding upon. Our experts are going to through light on this myth that will sheer every misconception about it, disappear from your brain. we will turn every page about the myth: “You cannot do anything without funding”.

In this podcast, our experts would resolve every question that runs through an entrepreneur. They will speak about the fears of investment and how funding is not crucial in the initial times of a start-up. We will highlight what are the issues startups face and what challenges they have to surface. Our professionals would explain the process one should consider while initiating their idea of a start-up. This includes a thorough discussion about various aspects of MVP you should consider and it’s greater significance it holds during the inception phase of a start-up. 

We will elucidate on the intent of an entrepreneur’s mind and possible mistakes that they can make. In this episode of tech talks about what implementations should take after the idea generation and gravity of funding there is in the process. Our experts have also elaborated on how planning for every segment is essential and ways to get it done right. 

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We have created this podcast for every potential entrepreneur and rising one to caution them about the possible mistakes and tips they can use to have an efficient business commencement. We will unfold how you don’t need funding at the early time of your start-up and our conversation will revolve around these misconceptions. 


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