“My brand website is too old. I am in dilemma about which platform suits well to revamp it so that my web presence and brand image will jump over the internet.”

When I built my first website in early 90’s, at the dawn of the Web world, I didn’t have a clue how to initiate. In those days, I was not in contact with the top web design and development companies to guide me. I’ve made every mistake you can think of — some more than once, I hate to admit.

Spend 2 minutes, if you are in same boat. This blog will help you out in the best possible way!

In a professional website design, there are tons of crucial aspects one must consider to make a right decision. A mere mistake in the web development process might harm you in the future by degrading your ranking in the search engine result pages. A correct process might bring you the exact design that you have dreamed of in a single shot. Else, your effort will go in vain while repeating the same tasks again and again until you find a feasible solution.

Below website redesign checklist is worth to follow-

  1. Scrutinize your needs to get an answer for why website revamp services are good for you?
  2. Are your target audiences are getting the enough information?
  3. How everything can be managed within the stipulated time frame?

Before moving forward, you must know the essence of website revamp services so that at the end of the day, you will be familiar with what it takes to revamping an existing website.

What Is Website Revamp

“The only constant thing in life is change”. This saying is even truer in the web development realm. If you think that a custom website design process is a one-time investment, you are certainly mistaken. As a proof, you can take a tour of some newly born websites on the internet and you will be amazed to see how well they are playing against their seniors.

Moral of the story is, go for the website revamp process and you will have in hand a completely refreshed interface for your customers. Take a note that it is not mandatory to change every single element of the website including branding and website design. Rather, redesigning simply entails functional modifications with an honest wish to make your website work better. And, the probable result will be high-end conversions, healthy organic traffic and an enhanced user experience.

CMS Website Builder- A Crucial Choice To Win The Game

There is no exaggeration in saying that a beautiful and clear website is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to generate ROI for your business, but it’s only half of the equation. Yes indeed it is!! Now that you’ve laid out your website, you also need to know how important it is to opt a good Content Management System.

One of the chief complaints the web owners have, is to find the best CMS for their website among so many options existing in the digital marketplace. No worries, Sparx IT Solutions, the best website development company in India, will suggest you the finest ways to recreate your web presence by redesigning existing website. The best part is, the website revamp cost that we charge is quite reasonable.

Most of the brand websites of today are powered by top CMS platforms that allow making amendments to a website without altering a single line of code.

Sparx renders reliable services on top content management systems including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. All of them shower pretty features, tons of customizations, heavy security and are easy to use. Oh yeah, we would like to mention that all three are free.

Let’s know in detail about 3 most popular CMS for the websites:

WordPress –Despite its humble blogging beginnings, WordPress has taken the world by storm powering over 80 million websites today. It is designed for small to medium sized websites, blogs and even smaller e-commerce stores. WordPress is an easy-to-use framework because it locks down the ability for most users to make significant visual edits (for their own good).

Looking to get started quickly with a simple business website or blog? Pick none other than WordPress.

Drupal – It is voted as the most powerful content management system with superb inherent traits. Along with strength, Drupal also comes with some additional difficulties for the website owner. Any individual who wants to go long with Drupal should have at least a basic knowledge of HTML, PHP and other common web programming languages. If your website begins to gain traction and is ready to evolve beyond a simple business website, you’ll need to have (or hire) technical expertise to assure its continuous growth.

If you are an enthusiastic personnel with high hopes that your site will grow significantly from day one, by keeping the extensive features and unlimited customizations, take the plunge into Drupal.

Joomla – If you have a basic understanding of technical skills, Joomla can be the best bet. You can get a fresh design for a social network or an eCommerce site based on Joomla. It can be treated as a middleware solution by combining the features of both WordPress and Drupal.

Every business wants to be on the top no matter from where their journey has started. The perfect solution in this tech-savvy world is to keep with you everything that seems fresh and innovative. This puts you out of all the boredom and it is the actual gist of what we call as website revamp or renew to let it breathe again.

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